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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is being proposed here?

A: Solera is a mixed-use project consisting of 25,513 square feet of commercial space, 9,618 square feet of dedicated space for preschool, childcare, and a community center, 96 attached townhomes, and 590 for rent apartments with residential amenities. 

Q: Where is this project located? 

A: The Solera project will be located along Sunset Blvd. NE between NE 100th St. and Kirkland Ave. NE. 

Q: When will construction start? 

A: An estimated start date for Solera has yet to be determined, however, the current plan is to start October 2021. 

Q: Will Solera be affordable? 

A: The project team intends for Solera to be a mixed-income community. Approximately 277 units will have limits on rent to provide workforce housing to residents and families. 

Q: Is there parking? 

A: Solera will provide garage and street parking for residents and the commercial spaces.

Q: Who is proposing this project? 

A: The project team includes local firms DevCo and Tiscareno Architects. Both DevCo and Tiscareno have a history of completed projects in the region. 

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